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County Service Areas; Article 8. Zones   

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(a) Whenever the board determines that it is in the public interest to provide different authorized services, provide different levels of service, provide different authorized facilities, or raise additional revenues within specific areas of a county service area, it may form one or more zones pursuant to this article.

(b) The board shall initiate proceedings for the formation of a new zone by adopting a resolution that does all of the following:

(1) States that the proposal is made pursuant to this article.

(2) Sets forth a description of the boundaries of the territory to be included in the zone.

(3) States the reasons for forming the zone.

(4) States the different authorized services, different levels of service, different authorized facilities, or additional revenues that the zone will provide.

(5) Sets forth the methods by which those authorized services, levels of service, or authorized facilities will be financed.

(6) Proposes a name or number for the zone.

(c) A proposal to form a new zone may also be initiated by a petition signed by not less than 10 percent of the registered voters residing within the proposed zone. The petition shall contain all of the matters required by subdivision (b).

(d) Upon the adoption of a resolution or the receipt of a valid petition, the board shall fix the date, time, and place for the public hearing on the formation of the zone. The clerk of the board of supervisors shall:

(1) Publish notice of the public hearing, including the information required by subdivision (b), pursuant to Section 6061.

(2) Mail the notice at least 20 days before the date of the hearing to all owners of property within the proposed zone.

(3) Mail the notice at least 20 days before the date of the hearing to each city and special district that contains, or whose sphere of influence contains, the proposed zone.

(4) Post the notice in at least three public places within the territory of the proposed zone.

(Added by Stats. 2008, Ch. 158, Sec. 2.)