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County Officers   

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The officers of a county are:

(a) A district attorney.

(b) A sheriff.

(c) A county clerk.

(d) A controller.

(e) An auditor, who shall be ex officio controller.

(f) A treasurer.

(g) A recorder.

(h) A license collector.

(i) A tax collector, who shall be ex officio license collector.

(j) An assessor.

(k) A superintendent of schools.

(l) A public administrator.

(m) A coroner.

(n) A surveyor.

(o) Members of the board of supervisors.

(p) A county veterinarian.

(q) A fish and game warden.

(r) A county librarian.

(s) A county health officer.

(t) An administrative officer.

(u) A director of finance.

(v) A road commissioner.

(w) A public guardian.

(x) Such other officers as are provided by law.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 1195, Sec. 6.)