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Local Bond Pooling Act   

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All public capital improvements financed by the authority shall be constructed or completed subject to the rules and regulations of the authority. When the principal of, and interest on, bonds of the authority issued to finance the cost of a particular public capital improvement, including any refunding bonds issued to refund and refinance all, or any part, of these bonds, have been fully paid and retired, or when adequate provisions have been made for their payment and retirement and all other conditions of any resolution, lease, indenture, mortgage or deed of trust, security interest, or any other instrument authorizing and securing the bonds have been satisfied, and any lien created has been released in accordance with the provisions thereof, the authority is authorized, upon the terms and conditions it prescribes, to execute releases, release deeds, reassignments, deeds, and conveyances and to do all things necessary or required to convey or release its rights, title, and interest in the public capital improvement financed and in any other instruments pledged or transferred to secure bonds to local agencies, as their respective interests may appear.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 868, Sec. 6.)