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Legal Resources | Government Code |  GC  22834  

Public Employees' Health Benefits; Enrollment and Coverage   

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(a) An out-of-state employee who separates from service and becomes an annuitant may continue his or her enrollment in a board-approved out-of-state health benefit plan or may transfer to any other health benefit plan approved or maintained by the board, in which the employee would otherwise be eligible to enroll. He or she must enroll in that health benefit plan within 60 days in order for health benefits to continue.

(b) An annuitant who leaves this state and elects to reside in another state in which a health benefit plan is approved or maintained by the board may transfer his or her enrollment to that health benefit plan and shall be entitled to the employer contribution as provided in this part.

(c) When an out-of-state employee receiving benefits pursuant to Section 22803 is permanently reassigned to perform his or her duties within the state, the benefits may be continued only until the employee has had reasonable opportunity to enroll in a health benefit plan within the state that is approved or maintained by the board.

(Added by Stats. 2004, Ch. 69, Sec. 22.)