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Public Employees' Health Benefits; Health Benefit Plans and Contracts   

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(a) Premiums charged for enrollment in a health benefit plan shall reasonably reflect the cost of the benefits provided.

(b) This part does not limit the board's authority to do any of the following:

(1) Enter into contracts with carriers providing compensation based on carrier performance.

(2) Credit premiums to an employer for expenditures that the board determines are likely to improve the health status of employees and annuitants or otherwise reduce health care costs.

(3) Adjust the premiums charged under any health benefit plan or contract to reflect regional variations in the cost of health care services and other relevant factors. Any adjustment of these premiums shall be at the sole discretion of the board and shall only apply to the premiums charged to employees and annuitants of contracting agencies. The board may require a contracting agency and its employees and annuitants to pay the premium rate established pursuant to this paragraph, which may be different than the health benefit plan or contract premium rate that would otherwise be applicable to that agency.

(4) Adjust premiums as part of programs for health promotion and disease prevention.

(5) Develop procedures for risk adjustment of premiums across plans that encourage plans to offer benefits based upon medical and administrative efficiency and quality of care rather than on the employee's or annuitant's health status or service areas with low-risk populations. Any risk adjustment program or procedure shall be at the sole discretion of the board.

(Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 445, Sec. 2.)