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Public Employees' Health Benefits; Contracting With Public Agencies   

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(a) A contracting agency and its employees and annuitants may obtain a health benefit plan, as defined in Section 22777, subject to board approval of a resolution submitted by the governing body electing to be so subject. The resolution shall be adopted by a majority vote and shall be effective at the time provided in board regulations.

(b) In addition to, or in lieu of, submitting a resolution as prescribed in subdivision (a), the board may require the contracting agency to enter into a contract with the board to obtain a health benefit plan, as defined in Section 22777, for all or part of its employees, pursuant to rules and regulations developed by the board for this purpose.

(c) The board may refuse to contract with, or to agree to an amendment proposed by, a contracting agency for any benefit provisions that are not specifically authorized by this part and that the board determines would adversely affect the administration of this system.

(d) A contracting agency may become subject to this part with respect to a recognized employee organization with which it has reached mutual agreement. The resolution and any contracts, or the resolution and contract required by subdivisions (a) and (b), shall specify the recognized employee organizations participating in this system.

(e) Pursuant to Section 22796 and subdivision (g) of Section 22934, the board may by regulation require any contracting agency that becomes subject to this part to meet certain board-determined criteria, including, but not limited to, additional requirements for any contracting agency that elects to become subject to this part that previously terminated coverage pursuant to Section 22938.

(f) Approval of the contract to obtain a health benefit plan pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the governing body of the contracting agency.

(Amended by Stats. 2013, Ch. 778, Sec. 10.)