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Disability Leave

The Governing Board may grant a leave of absence to any certificated employee who has applied for disability benefits, not to exceed 30 days beyond final determination of the employee's eligibility for disability benefits by the State Teachers' Retirement System. If the employee is determined to be eligible, that leave shall be extended for the term of the disability, but not more than 39 months. (Education Code 44986)

Return to Service After Leaves

By May 30 of each school year, the clerk or secretary of the Board may request any certificated employee on leave of absence to notify the district, in the manner described in Education Code 44842, of his/her intention to remain in service with the district the following school year. (Education Code 44842)

Following a request by the district to give notice in the manner described in Education Code 44842, an employee who is on leave of absence for 20 or more consecutive working days after April 30 of any school year may have his/her employment terminated if: (Education Code 44842)

1. The employee, without good cause, fails to notify the district by July 1 that he/she intends to remain in service the following school year.

2. The employee, without good cause and without being granted a leave of absence, fails to report for duty at the beginning of the next school year for 20 consecutive days after being notified at least five days in advance of the time and place at which to report to work.

(cf. 4117.4 - Dismissal)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)


approved: September 5, 2007 Manhattan Beach, California