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Manhattan Beach USD |  AR  1230  Community Relations

School-Connected Organizations   

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Requests for authorization as a school-connected organization shall contain:

1. The name of the organization

2. The date of application

3. The names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all officers

4. A brief description of the organization's purpose

5. A list of specific annual objectives, including:

a. A list of proposed fundraising projects and/or events

b. An explanation of donations to be requested from each participant

c. Expenses planned for funds raised (e.g. uniforms, equipment, travel, capital improvements)

d. An annual approved budget and financial statement showing all expenditures and all income from fund-raisers

6. The signature of a site principal who supports the request for authorization

7. Intended use for any funds remaining at the end of the year

(cf. 1330 - Use of School Facilities)

Authorizations shall be reviewed each year. The Superintendent may recommend that an authorization be revoked by the Board, if considered necessary. The District has the right to audit their financial records at any time, either by District personnel or by a CPA.

Any program, fund-raiser or other activity sponsored by school-connected organizations shall be authorized and conducted according to California Education Code, Board Policy, administrative regulations and school rules. Announcements of events and related parent/guardian permission slips shall clearly indicate that the activity or event is sponsored by the school-connected organization, not by the school or district.

The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, the Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation and the site PTAs, shall be considered as approved school-connected organizations. All other Board-approved, school-connected organizations must hold their funds with the Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation. The Board may establish an annual suggested donation for each school-connected organization, for the purposes of teachers' and/or coaches' stipends,

transportation expenses, and any other calculated expenses specific to the organization that may be mutually agreed upon. The Board will not authorize school-connected organization donations for expenses such as equipment, tournaments, travel costs, or other expenses unless those pre-determined calculated expenses are met.

(cf. 3541.1 - Transportation for School-Related Trips)

School-connected organizations shall not hire district employees without prior approval from the Superintendent or designee. Any adult retained for working directly with students in a teaching, coaching or consulting role, must be cleared by MBUSD in advance. Only MBUSD may hire coaches or teachers who work directly with students.   MBUSD or MBAF may hire consultants that are cleared by MBUSD.  All volunteers who work with students must be approved via the processes outlined in MBUSD Board Policy 1240.

Teachers/coaches may have an advisory role in a school-connected organization, but neither they nor their family members may hold offices.


approved: December 11, 2002 Manhattan Beach, California

reviewed: September 5, 2007

reviewed: March 21, 2012

reviewed: August 8, 2012