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Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs. Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs. Article 3. Enrollment. Documentation and Determination of Family Size.   

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(a) A parent shall provide the names of the parents and the names, gender and birthdates of the children identified in the family. This information shall be documented on a confidential application for child care and development services and used to determine family size. The parent shall provide supporting documentation regarding the number of children and parents in the family.

(1) The number of children shall be documented by providing at least one of the following documents, as applicable:

(A) Birth certificates;

(B) Court orders regarding child custody;

(C) Adoption documents;

(D) Records of Foster Care placements;

(E) School or medical records;

(F) County welfare department records; or

(G) Other reliable documentation indicating the relationship of the child to the parent.

(2) When only one parent has signed the application and the information provided pursuant to subdivision (a)(1) indicates the child(ren) in the family has another parent whose name does not appear on the application, then the presence or absence of that parent shall be documented by providing any one of the following documents, as applicable:

(A) Records of marriage, divorce, domestic partnership or legal separation;

(B) Court-ordered child custody arrangements;

(C) Evidence that the parent signing the application is receiving child support payments from that person, has filed for child support with the appropriate local agency, or has executed documents with that agency declining to file for child support;

(D) Rental receipts or agreements, contracts, utility bills or other documents for the residence of the family indicating that the parent is the responsible party; or

(E) Any other documentation, excluding a self-declaration except as provided in subdivision (a)(3), to confirm the presence or absence of a parent of a child in the family.

(3) If, due to the recent departure of a parent from the family, the remaining applicant parent cannot provide any documentation pursuant to subdivision (a)(2), the applicant parent may submit a self-declaration signed under penalty of perjury explaining the absence of that parent from the family. Within six months of applying or reporting this change in family size, the parent must provide documentation pursuant to subdivision (a)(2).

(b) If the information provided by the parent is insufficient, the contractor shall request any additional documentation necessary from subdivision (a) above to verify the family composition and family size.

(c) For income eligibility and family fee purposes, when a child and his or her siblings are living in a family that does not include their biological or adoptive parent, only the child and related siblings shall be counted to determine family size. In these cases, the adult(s) must meet a need criterion as specified in Education Code section 8263(a)(2).

(d) Upon the transfer of a family from CalWORKs Stage 1 to CalWORKs Stage 2 or Stage 3, the CalWORKs Stage 2 or Stage 3 contractor shall accept the CalWORKs Stage 1 agency's determination of family size until the family is re-certified.

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Education Code 8261

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(Amended by Register 2009, No. 28.)