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Appeal Procedure for Child Development Division Review.   

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(a) If the parent disagrees with the written decision from the contractor, the parent has fourteen (14) calendar days in which to appeal to the Child Development Division.

(b) If the parent(s) do(es) not submit an appeal request to the Child Development Division within fourteen (14) calendar days, the parents' appeal process shall be deemed abandoned and the contractor may implement the intended action.

(c) The parent(s) shall specify in the appeal request the reason(s) why he/she believes the contractor's decision was incorrect.

(d) A copy of the contractor's notice of intended action and written decision shall be submitted by the parent(s) with the appeal request.

(e) Upon receipt of an appeal request, the Child Development Division may request copies of the basic data file and other relevant materials from the contractor. The Child Development Division may also conduct any investigations, interviews or mediation necessary to resolve the appeal.

(f) The decision of the Child Development Division shall be mailed or delivered to the parent(s) and to the contractor within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the appeal request.

Authority and Reference Cited:

Education Code 8261

(Added by Register 88, No. 50.)