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Standards Applicable to Courses of Instruction in Massage.   

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Before the superintendent issues any approval of a course or courses of instruction in massage, the following standards shall, in addition to any other applicable standards established by Title 5, California Administrative Code, be met and maintained.

(a) A school of massage shall not permit class or practice sessions of any type to continue later than 10:30 p.m. nor start earlier than 7:00 a.m.

A school of massage shall not, at the same time, operate as a massage parlor or studio. However, a school of massage may be operated simultaneously with and in the same or a contiguous building with a massage studio or parlor, provided that the facilities of the school and studio or parlor are totally separate, clearly delineated and there is neither a sharing of any portion of those respective facilities nor a direct access between them. For purposes of this paragraph, each school shall file with the superintendent a combined detailed floor plan of the school and the massage studio or parlor.

A school of massage may share facilities with a massage studio or parlor at an time, provided that a school so sharing such facilities files with the superintendent a schedule of hours during which it offers classes or practice sessions of any kind, and posts such schedule at the school entrance in full view of anyone who enters. Classes and practice sessions shall not be held at any other time.

(b) Any owner, director, officer, administrator, employee or student of a school, or any other person, is prohibited from performing massage of any kind upon a member of the general public while on the school premises. Students of the school may practice massage only upon an instructor or other student. A "dummy" body may be used.

(c) Correspondence courses of instruction or a combination of correspondence and residence courses of instruction in massage shall not be approved.

(d) An application for approval shall include evidence that a business license or signed statement of exemption has been obtained by the school from the appropriate local authority.

(e) School records shall reflect actual and verifiable attendance and progress in any massage course for its entire length.

(f) A course of massage shall not be approved for less than 100 hours of instruction, which shall include, but not be limited to Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, Massage Theory and History, Ethics of Massage, Business Practices and a minimum of 75 hours of Demonstration and Practice of Massage Techniques.

(g) No more than 50 percent of the total hours of massage course may be granted for previous equivalent education or training.

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