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School District Claim for Allowance.   

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(a) Between July 1 and August 1 following the close of the school year in which a school district participated in a program for instructional television pursuant to Education Code Section 51871, the district, using a form supplied by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, shall file with the county superintendent a claim for allowance. The claim for allowance shall designate the school year in which the program was conducted and shall include certification that:

(1) The Superintendent of Public Instruction approved the district plan to provide instructional television services during the designated school year, and that the plan was carried out.

(2) The claimant will continue to provide for instructional television during the school year following the designated year.

(3) The instructional television services certified in (1) were an integral part of the course of study approved by the proper authority.

(4) The number of pupils of the district present in the classroom and instructed by such television programs during the designated school year pursuant to this article is the number shown on the claim. (No pupil shall be counted more than once per school year.)

(5) The total cost (exclusive of capital outlay expenditures) to the district for providing such instructional television programs is the cost shown on the claim.

(b) As soon as possible after receipt of the completed district claim for allowance, but not later than August 15 of that year, the county superintendent shall review, approve, and forward it to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)