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Subjects Added as Supplementary Authorizations (Specific Subjects).   

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(a) The following listed subjects may be added as supplementary authorizations to a valid teaching credential specified in Education Code Section 44256(a):

Accounting including finance

Agricultural mechanic

Animal science


Auto mechanics

Biological Sciences


Child development (home economics)

Clothing and textiles (home economics)

Comparative political systems and international relations

Computer concepts and applications

Consumer education (home economics)

Crafts, including jewelry and ceramics (art)





Economic and consumer education


English Composition

Family life and parenting (home economics) Family life education including drug, alcohol and tobacco use prevention (health science) Food and nutrition (home economics) Forestry and horticulture



Graphic Arts

Industrial crafts and plastics

Instrumental music

Interior design (home economics)




Metals (industrial arts)

Office technologies including word processing and business communications Ornamental horticulture

Painting and drawing


Plant science

Plastics (industrial arts)




US Government and US Civics Literature

Vocal Music

Woods (industrial arts)

World History

(b) A supplementary authorization in a specific subject of Science may be added to a valid Journalism teaching credential specified in Education Code Section 44256(a). The course of study for Biological Sciences or Chemistry or Geosciences or Physics must include each of the components for that area. One of the courses must include a laboratory component.

(1) Biological Sciences, including: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biology of Organisms, and Marketing/entrepreneurship Evolution.

(2) Chemistry, including: Structure and Stability, and Chemical Reactions.

(3) Geosciences, including: Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography.

(4) Physics, including: Energy - Mechanics, Energy - Heat Energy - Electricity and Magnetism. Wave Motion and Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

(c) A supplementary authorization in each of the specific subjects of Child developmental (home economics), Clothing and textiles (home economics), Food and nutrition (home economics), and Interior design (home economics) must include a laboratory component.

(d) A supplementary authorization in the subject of Family life education including drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention (health science) must include the following components: sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS, human development and human sexuality, parenting education, violence prevention, and drug, alcohol and tobacco use prevention and cessation.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225


Education Code 44256

Education Code 44349

(Amended by Register 96, No. 44.)