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Purpose and Categories of Waivers.   

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The following categories of waivers will be considered under the provisions of Education Code Section 44225(m):

(a) Short-Term Waivers: Waivers to give local agencies one semester or less to address unanticipated, immediate, short-term organizational needs by assigning teachers who hold a basic credential to teach outside of their credential authorization, with the teacher's consent.

(b) Variable Term Waivers: Waivers to provide applicants with additional time to complete the requirements for the credential that authorizes the service or to provide employing agencies time to fill the assignment with an individual who either holds an appropriate credential or qualifies under one of the available assignment options. This includes:

(1) Waivers to facilitate assignment in school programs addressing issues of educational reform;

(2) Waivers to employ or assign identified individuals when the employing agency finds there is an insufficient number of certificated persons who meet the specified employment criteria for the position;

(3) Waivers to temporarily exempt geographically isolated regions, which have severely limited ability to develop personnel, from specific state requirements for educator preparation, licensing or assignment; or

(4) Other temporary waivers granted at the discretion of the Commission.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(q)


Education Code 44225(g) and (m)

(Amended by Register 95, No 32.)