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General Provisions Governing Waivers.   

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(a) Definition of Terms. Terms that are used in Sections 80120 through 80124, inclusive, shall have the following meanings.

(1) The term "employing agency" means the school district; county office of education; private school; nonpublic, nonsectarian school or agency as defined in Education Code Sections 56365 and 56366; or postsecondary institution that submits a waiver application.

(2) "Applicant" means the individual for whom a waiver application is submitted.

(3) "SELPA" means a Special Education Local Planning Area.

(4) A "short-term waiver" is a temporary waiver with a term of one semester or less as described under Section 80120(a).

(5) A "variable term waiver" is a temporary waiver with a term as specified by the Commission.

(b) Waiver Service Restrictions. Except as specified by the Commission, service authorized by a waiver shall be restricted to the employing agency that submitted the waiver application and to the assignment specified on the waiver document.

(c) Authorization to Apply for Waivers. Each application for a variable term waiver shall be submitted to the Commission on behalf of the individual identified in the application. The following may submit applications for variable term waivers:

(1) public school districts in California;

(2) county offices of education or county superintendents of schools in California;

(3) postsecondary institutions;

(4) private schools in California (in particular, nonpublic, nonsectarian schools and agencies as defined in Education Code Sections 56365 and 56366); and

(5) individuals.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(q)


Education Code 44225(g) and (m)

(Amended by Register 95, No. 32.)