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Materials to be Forwarded by the County Superintendent.   

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Notices required to be sent to the Commission under the terms of all of the following:

(a) All writings which form the basis on which a determination of misassignment was made;

(b) Copies of all communications sent to the school superintendent informing him or her of the specific individuals in misassignments, and identifying the administrators immediately responsible for the misassignment;

(c) All written responses submitted by the school district or school administrator in response to communication described in Education Code section 44258.9(g) (3);

(d) All writings informing the certificated employee that he or she is serving in an unauthorized position. The county superintendent must advise the employee of the misassignment and of the professional obligation of the individual to seek an authorized position. Copies of any written response by the employee shall also be provided to the Commission;

(e) Information regarding the steps taken to identify for the Commission on the administrator(s) responsible for the misassignment;

(f) All other materials which mitigate or aggravate the possible penalties or which supplement the information presented.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225

Education Code 44258.9(g)


Education Code 44258.9(g)

(Added by Register 93, No. 39.)