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Fifth Year of Study.   

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(a) The Commission finds that the fifth year of study is an integral element of the teacher education program, and provides the potential teacher with much greater opportunity following completion of the relatively rigid course requirements of the baccalaureate degree program to select a course or program of study designed to improve the teacher's competence and skills, and which is more suited to the candidate's particular professional interests. In recognition of these facts, the Commission expects that the design of the fifth year course of study will be a large responsibility of the teacher candidate in cooperation and consultation with the accredited college or university.

(b) The teacher candidate may select either a student-designed fifth year of study approved by the institution or an institution-designed fifth year of study. The fifth year of study selected by the teacher-candidate shall be a Commission-approved program, and shall be a full academic year, or its equivalent, at the postgraduate level taken at an accredited college or university.

(c) In furtherance of the foregoing concepts, the Commission shall permit a wide latitude for fifth year programs, including, but not limited to the following purposes:

(1) Additional subject matter preparation including, but not limited to, pursuit of a master's or higher degree;

(2) Completion of an approved program for an advanced or specialized credential

(3) Study undertaken for in-service training for which college or university credit is given; and

(4) Study undertaken to complete an approved program of professional preparation.

(d) If a college or university refuses to approve a fifth year of study for a teacher-applicant, it shall state its reasons in writing to the applicant. The applicant shall thereafter have the right to appeal the decision of the institution directly to the Commission. In doing so, the applicant shall submit to the Commission a copy of his or her program for the fifth year of study and other supporting documents, including a copy of the college or university's written reasons for refusal. The Commission shall evaluate the materials submitted and determine whether to approve the fifth year of study.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225

(Amended by Register 79 No 2.)