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Article 2. Direct Application to the Commission. Direct Application: When permitted.   

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(a) An applicant who can demonstrate the completion of preparation equivalent to that required by California statutes and regulations may submit an application to the Commission for a credential based upon equivalent preparation. The application shall include the following:

(1) the titles of credentials held by the applicant.

(2) a description and evidence of the education and specialized training of the applicant.

(3) if the applicant pursued pan or all of his or her professional preparation program at a college or university with a Commission approved program, written explanation of refusal to recommend, by the institution of higher education, including a statement that the applicant has exhausted all appeals through that institution.

(4) a description of the relevant experience of the applicant.

(5) any assessment of the applicant's performance deemed useful to review of the application, excluding standardized examinations for which California has not established passing standards.

(6) other evidence of education, training or performance deemed by the applicant to be useful in reviewing the application.

(7) a completed Application for Credential Authorizing Public School Service (form 41-4, rev 4-94) and the fee(s) as specified in Section 80487.

(b) The Commission shall evaluate the materials submitted, consider the reasons for refusal, when applicable, by a college or university and determine whether to issue the credential sought.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(q)


Education Code 44225(d) and (g)

Education Code 44300

(Amended by Register 94, No. 16.)