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Official Transcript.   

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(a) For purposes of authenticity and legibility, official transcripts or verification-of-true-copy will be required with each application for a credential, certificate or permit submitted on and after September 1, 1983;

(b) California colleges with approved programs, school districts, county offices, and other state agencies shall meet this requirement either by submitting official transcripts with the application or by verification of the copy as a true copy of the official transcripts by one of the following means:

(1) A recommendation by the college for the credential;

(2) a statement submitted to the Commission, on a one-time basis, by the college, school district, county office or other state agency describing their internal procedure or policy verifying the authenticity of the transcript;

(3) a statement or stamp signed or initialed by the designated agency representative verifying each set of transcripts, that the copy is an authentic duplicate of the official transcript;

(c) applicants applying directly to the Commission, for a credential, certificate, or permit shall be required to submit official transcripts with the credential application;

(d) applications submitted with illegible transcripts, or submitted by colleges, school districts, county offices or other state agencies who have not met the

requirements specified in subsection (b) shall be returned to the sender for proper verification or for official transcripts;

(e) an official transcript is defined as one that bears the signature in ink of the registrar and/or the impressed seal of the institution.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225


Education Code 44252(a)

(Amended by Register 83, No. 30.)