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Article 6. Denial of Application for Credentials. Definitions.   

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As used in this article:

(a) "Credential" means any credential, certificate, or permit issued by the Commission.

(b) "Application for a credential" includes an application for the issuance of a credential, an application for a renewal of a credential, an application to add new authorizations to an existing credential, or a request to take any special action in relation to the issuance of a credential.

(c) "Committee" means the Licensing Committee of the Commission.

(d) "Denial" means the refusal of the commission to issue, renew a credential, or add a new authorization to an existing credential on the grounds that the applicant's education, training or experience does not satisfy the minimum requirements for the same.

(e) "Appeal of denial" means a timely written request by the applicant for a reevaluation by the Commission of his/her application.

(f) "IHE" means an institution of higher education with a Commission approved program for the credential under consideration.

(g) "LEA" means a local education agency or assessor agency that is authorized by the Commission to recommend for the credential under consideration.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225


Education Code 44252(a)

(Amended by Register 93, No. 22.)