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Extensions of Time.   

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(a) The Commission may assign to its certification staff the authority to waive Education Code Sections 44251, 44277, 44279 or 44348 concerning the term of the credential for applicants who request an extension of time to complete requirements. The applicant must demonstrate good cause for requesting an extension of time to complete requirements. Good cause shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) a requirement has been established since the applicant received his or her credential;

(2) the applicant was unable to complete requirements because of personal health problems or the problems of a family or household member;

(3) the applicant is currently employed in a position requiring a credential or its equivalent and no IHE or LEA can be reached within one and one-half hours of travel time;

(4) the applicant submits verification from the IHE or LEA that there were no openings in the program or that the required course work was unavailable;

(5) the applicant unknowingly completed course work, such as continuing education courses, which the IHE, LEA, or Commission cannot accept toward completion of the requirements;

(6) the applicant did not receive information about the requirements from the Commission with sufficient time to complete the requirements;

(7) the applicant enrolled in a second or subsequent IHE or LEA and the new IHE or LEA required additional course work or assessment which the applicant was unable to complete on time;

(8) demands of job or family made attendance at an IHE or LEA impossible;

(9) the applicant has completed educational requirements, but has not met the experience requirements; and

(10) the applicant has not been employed in the California public school system since the credential was issued;

(b) These waivers may be issued only once, except in cases where the extenuating circumstances continue to exist and the applicant has made sufficient progress toward completion of the requirements.

Authority cited:

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(Added by Register 93, No. 22.)