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Professional Growth Advisor for Service and Specialist Credentials.   

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(a) The chief administrative officer (or designee) of a public agency, some of whose employees are required to hold valid specialist or service credentials, may designate one or more persons to be professional growth advisors. However, the credential holder is responsible for selecting an appropriate advisor. Subject matter compatibility, interest in special topics, interactive skills, proximity of the advisor and advisor workload should be considered by the credential holder when selecting an advisor. Holders of credentials requiring prerequisite credentials may choose more than one advisor when more than one type of professional clear credential is be renewed.

(b) Eligibility to be a professional growth advisor for service or specialist credential holders requires satisfaction of one of the following:

(1) The advisor holds a valid (clear or professional clear) specialist or services credential, and a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of postsecondary education.

(2) Those who instruct in the area of expertise in an approved credential program at the postsecondary level may serve as professional growth advisors.

(3) Alternatively, the professional service or specialist credential holder may choose an advisor in the area of his or her teaching credential provided that the provisions of Section 80556 have been met.

(c) An agency which employs holders of professional clear service and specialist credentials may appoint a professional growth panel(s) to act as an appeal body to resolve disputes between credential holders and professional growth advisors. The panel may also participate in selecting orienting and assisting professional growth advisors.

(d) The responsibilities of a professional growth advisor shall be as follows:

(1) Know the contents of the pertinent sections of this article of Title 5 California Code of Regulations pertaining to professional growth requirements for service and specialist credentials and provide for a discussion of these with credential holders. The professional growth advisor shall discuss the

staff development need of the employing agency and/or the school with the credential holder and suggest activities and/or domains of activities.

(2) The advisor shall provide consultation in the selection of activities as well as discuss what has been gained from participation in those activities.

(e) A public agency whose employees are required to hold valid service or specialist credentials shall give each credential holder the names and work locations of any professional growth advisors who have been designated by the agency for these credential areas.

(f) No credential holder may serve as his or her own professional growth advisor.

(g) No person or agency shall compel a credential holder to pay any fee or provide any service in exchange for professional growth advice, or for approval of a professional growth plan or record.

(h) The chief administrative officer, or his or her designee, of a public or private employing agency shall have the authority to remove any professional growth advisor who has been determined by the agency or the Commission to have willfully and arbitrarily violated Education Code Section 44277 or this article.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b)


Education Code 44277(d) and (e)

(Added by Register 94 No. 19.)