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Professional Growth Timekeeping for all professional Clear Credential Holders.   

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(a) For each hour that a credential holder spends directly involved in an activity that is identified in a signed professional growth plan, the credential holder shall record one clock hour of time on the professional growth record.

(b) In a professional growth record, a credential holder shall not record any time spent traveling to or from a professional growth activity, or any time spent completing routine out-of-class assignments such as reading assignments or preparing for tests for an approved course, workshop, teacher center program, staff development program or professional conference that the credential holder attends. A credential holder may record time spent on out-of-class assignments if the credential holder and the professional growth advisor agree that the assignments qualify as professional growth activities in the categories defined in Section 80558(d)(2 through 7) Time spent preparing to make formal presentations in professional conferences, or as the instructor of a course, workshop, teacher center program or staff development program for teachers, may be recorded.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(c)


Education Code 44277(b)

(Amended by Register 94, No. 19.)