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Approval of Programs of Preparation for the Authorization to Teach Other Health Impaired (Autistic).   

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(a) Programs of direct instruction shall be designed for candidates to develop specific skills and knowledge in each of the following competency areas:

(1) Causes, characteristics, and definitions of autism.

(A) Historical perspectives.

(B) Organic vs. psychogenic vs. interactive causation.

(C) Definitions and differential diagnosis.

(D) Behavior and learning characteristics in relation to developmental level and age.

(E) Developmental profiles: strengths and weaknesses.

(2) Assessment and curriculum design in academic and social domains.

(A) Communication, including verbal as well as nonverbal communication, and augmentation.

(B) Social and cognitive development.

(C) Peer interaction and play.

(D) Community, vocational and transition referenced skills.

(E) Academic skills.

(F) Behavior and impulse control.

(G) Leisure skills.

(3) Repertoire of varied instructional strategies.

(A) Teacher directed/mediated.

(B) Student-initiated.

(C) Peer-supported.

(D) Group and individual.

(4) Classroom and advanced behavior management.

(A) Classroom organization.

(B) Ecological intervention.

(C) Contingency management.

(D) Developmental and communicative basis of behavior problems.

(E) Ethical consideration.

(F) Selection of least intrusive interventions.

(5) Consultation and coordination.

(A) Community resources, including mental health agencies, regional centers, child protective services, and probation departments.

(B) Parent/professional collaboration.

(C) Other professionals.

(b) Field work shall consist of:

(1) Application of the knowledges and skills gained in subdivisions (a) (1) through (5) of this section.

(2) Assessment in a public school setting, or private school of equivalent status.

(3) Completion of a minimum of 100 clock hours of direct contact with pupils.

(4) Supervision of the student by at least one person who is appropriately certificated for the area of service.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b)

Education Code 44227

Education Code 44256(c)


Education Code 44265

(Amended by Register 89, No. 46.)