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Article 3. Other Program Approval Procedures. Subarticle 1. Faculty Participation in the Public Schools.   

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As used in this subarticle, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

(a) "Profession preparation program" refers to all programs of an accredited higher education institution which lead to a multiple subject, single subject, specialist, or administrative services credential.

(b) "Direct instructional interaction" means instruction of an elementary or secondary school class, group, or individual, carried out alone or in a team arrangement with the regular classroom teacher.

(c) "Course in teaching methods" means any course offered in an approved program at a higher education institution which focuses upon applied classroom instructional strategies and techniques for effective instruction of elementary and secondary pupils.

(d) "Course in administrative methods" means any course offered in a Commission approved program at a higher education institution which focuses upon applied strategies and techniques for effective administration of the public schools.

(e) "Evaluation process" is the Commission's process by which teacher education programs accredited higher education institutions are approved, placed on

probation or terminated as a result of being visited by a team of external evaluators. This team is composed of educators, including classroom teacher, and lay persons.

(f) "Probationary status" means the status assigned to an approved program of professional preparation which has been determined to be out-of-compliance with one or more Commission requirements on the basis of the findings by a program evaluation process, but which is allowed to continue operation and recommend candidates for credential. The term "Probationary Approval" does not apply to subject matter programs. The implementing institution of higher education/local education agency has no more than one year to correct the identified deficiencies and to regain "Standard Approval" or be subject to "Terminated Approval."

(g) "Reports" are written reports requested by the Commission which document data about the faculty participation programs deemed to be worth collecting and sharing with institutions of higher education and others interested in teacher education.

(h) "Commission" means the Commission of Teacher Credentialing referenced in section 44210 of the Education Code.

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(Amended by Register 95, No. 47.)