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Time Periods and Requirements for Faculty Members Required to Participate in the Public Schools.   

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(a) For purposes of implementation of these rules the initial three-year period to determine required participation pursuant to this section and section 80674.3 shall commence on October 2, 1985 for educational methods faculty and October 1, 1987 for education administration methods faculty.

(b) Each faculty member who has taught at least one course in teaching methods and/or administrative methods in professional preparation programs during the preceding three-year period shall actively participate in activities provided in Section 80674.3 of these rules.

(c) Each faculty member affected by these provisions shall participate for a minimum of thirty (30) clock hours each three-year period.

(d) Each successive three-year period of required participation for an individual faculty member affected by these rules shall not be required to commence before thirty-six (36) months has elapsed from the initial date of the preceding three-year period of participation.

According to Education Code section 44227.5(d) the Commission shall exempt from this requirement faculty members whose primary assignments are in departments or schools other than education.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b)


Education Code 44227.5

(Amended by Register 92, No. 14.)