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Verification Procedure.   

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(a) A verification procedure shall be established by the responsible college or university administrator in which the complete participation activities of each participating faculty member are reported to the responsible college/university administrator. The college or university administrator in collaboration with the responsible administrator in each participating school district shall verify whether or not the participation activity has been completed by each affected faculty member.

(b) All documentation of faculty participation activities shall be reviewed for compliance during the evaluation process and shall be subject to random monitoring by the Commission. Failure by the responsible college or university administrator to provide verification that all affected faculty members have satisfied the provisions of sections 80674.2 and 80674.3 may result in the assignment of probationary status for each professional preparation program whose assigned faculty member or members have not fulfilled these requirements.

(c) Institutions of higher education shall provide reports on implementation of these provisions to the Commission upon request.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b)


Education Code 44227.5

(Amended by Register 90, No. 16.)