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Exchange Certificated Credential.   

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(a) Requirements. A school district governing board that proposes to employ an exchange certificated employee shall:

(1) Inform the applicant for the exchange position that an exchange certificated employee credential may be secured by submitting an application on the form prescribed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and personal identification cards, and

(2) Submit both (A) and (B) to the Commission:

(A) A statement verifiying all of the following:

1. the position in which the governing board proposes to employ the applicant,

2. the dates of proposed employment,

3. facts showing that the applicant is an employee of a public school as required by Education Code Section 44853,

4. the district has given due consideration to the general qualifications and professional status of the proposed exchange employee as compared to the general qualifications and professional status of the employee to be exchanged, and

5. the district has official verification from the proper authorities mentioned in Education Code Section 44853 that the applicant is fit to perform the services required in the position.

(B) Submit to the Commission verification of passage of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), as specified in Education Code Section 44252(b).

(b) Authorization for Service. This credential authorizes the holder to serve in a position requiring certification qualifications as specified on the credential in the school district proposing to employ the person.

(c) Term. This preliminary credential may be issued for a three-year period provided the exchange is maintained. An exemption of the CBEST shall be granted for up to one year. At the end of the assignment period, the exchange, with the consent of all parties, may be made complete and permanent provided that the governing board submits to the Commission facts showing that the holder meets all California minimum standards which would be required of an applicant for regular credential authorizing that class or service.

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