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Sojourn Certificated Employee Credential.   

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(a) Requirements. A sojourn certificated employee credential may be issued to a person meeting minimum requirements upon submission by a California school district governing board of a completed application to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. A completed application shall include all of the following:

(1) All information required by the application form provided by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, including two personal identification cards with legible fingerprints and the required application fee.

(2) Transcripts, certificates, or other reasonable evidence of all education above United States high school level or equivalent, and showing at least 90 semester units of collegiate level study or equivalent, and showing at least 90 semester units of collegiate level study or equivalent, and all teaching experience.

(3) Certification by the governing that the applicant is a bilingual-biliterate teacher fluent both in English and in the target language and employed as required by Education Code Section 44856 during the calendar year immediately preceding the date of application.

(4) Certification by the governing board that the applicant will be employed by the school district in a teaching assignment authorized by a sojourn certificated employee credential and that the applicant has been informed in writing of his or her employment status and renewal requirements.

(5) A statement in writing and signed by the applicant verifying knowledge of the general requirements for a regular credential and agreeing to diligently pursue completion of the said requirements.

(6) Verification of the passage of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), as specified in Education Code Section 44252(b).

(b) Authorization for Service. The credential authorizes the holder to provide bilingual instruction, foreign language instruction, or cultural enrichment in the elementary and/or secondary grades of the employing California public school district in the subjects in which the applicant is academically competent to teach.

(c) Term. This credential shall be issued initially for two years. It may be renewed one year at a time for no more than a total of five such one year renewals upon completion of renewal requirements.

(d) Renewal. The sojourn certificated employee credential may be renewed for the first time upon application filed prior to the expiration date and verification of the completion during the life of the credential of at least 12 semester units or equivalent of college or university coursework applicable toward meeting regular credential requirements and, in addition, pass an assessment which will verify competency in language and culture as appropriate to the target language. For each successive one year renewal, completion of a minimum of six additional semester or equivalent units shall be verified. Each one year renewal shall require verification by the employing district of the continued need for the services of the sojourn certificated employee as required by Education Code Section 44856.

(e) Conversation to Regular Teaching Credential. Four years of successful classroom teaching on the basis of a sojourn certificated employee credential, as demonstrated by continual employment in the public schools, shall be accepted as equivalent to the professional preparation program required in Education Code Section 44259(c). When all other requirements of Education Code Section 44259 have been met, a professional clear teaching credential may be issued. If all requirements except the fifth year of study after completion of a baccalaureate degree have been met, a preliminary credential may be issued.

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