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Chapter 1. Credentials Issued Under the Teacher Preparation and Licensing Law of 1970 Article 2. Credential Types, Authorizations, and Requirements Statement of Employment and Verification of Qualifications   

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(a) When considering an application for an Eminence Credential, the Commission shall be guided by the following definition of an eminent individual: The eminent individual is recognized as such beyond the boundaries of his or her community, has demonstrably advanced his or her field and has been acknowledged by his or her peers beyond the norm for others in the specific endeavor. The employing school district shall demonstrate how the eminent individual will enrich the educational quality of the school district and not how he or she will fill an employment need.

(b) Pursuant to Section 44262 of the Education Code, issuance of an Eminence Credential shall be based upon a recommendation from the governing board of the school district, a statement of employment, submission of the fee(s) established in Section 80487 and a verification of the applicant's eminence qualifications.

(1) The Statement of Employment in the district shall include the proposed assignment of the credential applicant, and a certification of the intention of the district to employ the applicant if granted an Eminence Credential.

(2) The verification of eminence qualifications of an applicant for an Eminence Credential shall include:

(A) Recommendations, which may be from, but need not be limited to, the following: professional associations; former employers; professional colleagues; any other individuals or groups whose evaluations would support eminence; and

(B) Documentation of achievement, which may include, but need not be limited to, the following: advanced degrees earned; distinguished employment; evidence of related study or experience; publications; professional achievement; and recognition attained for contributions to his or her field of endeavor.

(3) The Commission shall provide notice to the public of those individuals for whom it is considering issuing Eminence Credentials. Any association, group, or individual may provide the Commission with a written statement regarding the qualifications of an individual under consideration for an Eminence Credential.

(c) The Commission may assign certification staff the authority to review eminence applications to determine if an individual meets the definition of eminence pursuant to Section 44262 of the Education Code and (a) above.

(1) If staff concludes an applicant meets the definition, staff shall forward the application to the Commission for review and action at the next available meeting.

(2) If staff concludes an applicant does not meet the definition, staff shall deny the application.

(A) If the staff denies an application for eminence, the employing school district requesting the Eminence Credential may request that staff reconsider its determination upon submission of new evidentiary material relevant to the reason(s) for denial, that was not available at the time the application was initially submitted to the Commission.

(B) If staff determines that, based on the new supporting information, the applicant now meets the definition of eminence, staff shall forward the application to the Commission for review and action at the next available Commission meeting.

(C) If upon review of the new supporting information, staff determines that there is no new evidence that provides additional support of the applicant's eminence, the district's eminence application will be placed on the Commission's consent calendar with a staff recommendation for denial.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225

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(Amended by Register 2003, No. 5)