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Article 5. Regional Library Networks. Establishment of Regional Library Networks   

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(a) The state board shall use the following criteria to approve the boundaries of the regional library networks, considering both cost-effectiveness and relationship to the resource sharing purposes of this chapter: public library jurisdictional boundaries; commonality with boundaries of educational institutions; recognition of current transportation, marketing, and communication patterns; location of and access to library resources; adequacy of resources for resource sharing purposes; population; and geographical contiguity.

(b) Every geographic area of the state shall be served by a regional library network.

(c) Upon receipt of a plan for a regional library network as set forth in Education Code Section 18840, the state board shall review the plan for completeness and for compliance with the purposes and provisions of the Act.

(d) The state board shall conclude its plan review within one hundred and twenty days from the submission of a plan and approve it or disapprove it. If a regional library network's plan is disapproved, the state board shall note the reason(s) for its disapproval and may make recommendations as to modifications which would make the plan approvable. A modified plan may be re-submitted for state board consideration.

(e) Upon state board approval, a regional library network shall be established for the purposes of this Act and its organization and members shall be recognized as eligible to receive services and funds under the provisions of this Act. The establishment and recognition of the regional library network shall be considered effective on the first July 1 following state board approval. The state board may approve an earlier effective date if it determines that such action would best serve the purposes of the Act.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18821


Education Code 18821(e)

(Added by Register 2000, No. 19)