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Regional Library Network Long-Range Plan and Annual Plan of Service.   

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To continue to qualify for funding under the Library of California Act, each regional library network shall submit a long-range plan and an annual plan of service to the state board for its approval.

(a) The long-range plan shall set forth the goals and objectives for the regional library network over a three year period, relative to the purposes of this Act and the needs of people within the region.

(b) The annual plan of service shall provide for:

(1) services to advance the regional library network's long-range goals and objectives; and

(2) a budget proposed for the next fiscal year.

(c) Following approval by the regional network council, the long-range plan and annual plan of service shall be submitted annually to the state board by April 1 of the fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year for which funds are requested.

(d) The state board shall review the long-range plan and the annual plan of service for compliance with the purposes and provisions of the Act.

(e) The state board shall conclude its review within sixty days from the submission of the plans and approve or disapprove them. If a regional library network's plans are disapproved, the state board shall note the reason(s) for their disapproval and may make recommendations as to modifications which would make the plans approvable. Modified plans may be re-submitted for state board consideration.

(f) Any revision of the annual plan of service, including its budget, shall be submitted to the chief executive officer at least thirty days prior to the effective date of the proposed changes.

(g) In addition, each regional library network shall file by October 1 of each year a report for the fiscal year just ended, that describes the actual accomplishments and expenditures of the regional library network program, compares them with the planned accomplishments and expenditures for the fiscal year reported, and includes other appropriate commentary.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18821


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(Added by Register 2000, No. 19)