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Enhanced Reference and Information Service   

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This program of the Act improves reference service at the local level in all participating libraries.

(a) Members of regional library networks or regional library networks or a combination thereof are eligible to receive state funds for reference enhancement projects.

(b) Eligible projects include but are not limited to:

(1) training in reference service provision;

(2) developing local library reference collections and services;

(3) providing consultations;

(4) conducting continuing education classes;

(5) developing and implementing reference evaluation tools; and

(6) other services as necessary to improve local reference service under the provisions of this program.

(c) Services provided under this program shall be offered to members of regional library networks.

(d) The state board shall select the projects for implementation on the basis of the following criteria:

(1) demonstrated need for the project;

(2) evidence of adequate planning;

(3) anticipated effectiveness of the proposed approach and plan of operation in addressing the need;

(4) qualifications and skills of key personnel;

(5) cost-effectiveness and adequacy of resources to achieve the project goal(s);

(6) anticipated contribution of the project to improvement of reference service in libraries; and

(7) appropriateness of the evaluation plan.

(e) Each applicant seeking funding under this program shall submit an application that addresses the criteria in Section 20330(d) of this subchapter.

(f) The state board shall identify priorities, procedures, and eligible costs for enhanced reference and information services projects through subsequent rulemaking conducted under the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 3.5 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code, commencing at Section 11340).

(g) Each applicant receiving funds under this program shall submit a final report comparing project goals with actual accomplishments and budget estimates with actual expenditures. The final evaluation, using the methodology specified in the application (Section 20330(d)(7) of this subchapter), shall also be included.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18821


Education Code 18853(b)

(Added by Register 2000, No. 19)