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Division 9. Secretary for Education Chapter 1. Education Technology Grant Program. CTAP Report Regarding Barriers to AP Online Content.   

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No later than 45 days after the enactment of these regulations, CTAP, in consultation with and under the statutory direction of CDE pursuant to Section 51871(a) of the Education Code, shall provide the Secretary for Education with a report identifying high schools that provide three (3) or fewer Advanced Placement courses, and that need hardware, infrastructure or wiring to provide connectivity for on-line classes. CTAP shall work with school districts and eligible schools to determine whether individual school sites plan to provide Advanced Placement courses via technology, and shall report on the hardware, infrastructure and wiring necessary to bring eligible schools online Advanced Placement courses. Further, the report shall identify other resources that could address these needs, such as the Digital High School program or the federal E-rate program, and estimate the specific technology needs for each school site that may be funded from the Education Technology Grant Program.

Authority cited:

Education Code 52270


Education Code 52270

(Amended by Register 2001, No. 13.)