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Division 9. Secretary for Education Chapter 1. Education Technology Grant Program. On-Site Compliance Visits.   

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(a) CTAP shall conduct on-site compliance visits for no less than 10% of the eligible schools awarded grants under the Education Technology Grant Program and report results to the Secretary for Education by June 30, 2002. The compliance visit shall include:

(1) Whether the charter school or school district met the assurances outlined in section 90006 of these regulations, with special emphasis on whether eligible schools met the student-to-multimedia computer ratio designated by the Secretary for Education pursuant to Section 90004(b) of these regulations.

(2) Whether the charter school or school district has entered all relevant education technology inventory data in the California Education Technology Inventory.

(3) Other relevant measures of progress as determined by CTAP.

(b) If, based on the on-site compliance visit, CTAP determines that the terms of the award agreement have not been met, CTAP shall notify the Secretary for Education, who, pursuant to the assurances in section 90006 of these regulations, and upon a finding of material non-compliance with the assurances, will instruct the State Controller to withhold funding from the next apportionment due to the school district.

Authority cited:

Education Code 52270


Education Code 52270

(Amended by Register 2001, No. 13.)