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Chapter 3. California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2000 Article 2. California Library Construction and Renovation Program State Payments; Fiscal and Program Compliance Review   

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(a) Frequency of State grant payments; original signatures

(1) The State Librarian shall authorize State grant payments to the grant recipient on a periodic reimbursement basis. Payments shall be made no more frequently than on a monthly basis.

(2) Payment requests shall state that the reimbursement request is being made only for eligible project costs.

(3) Payment requests shall be submitted with an original signature of the grant recipient's fiscal officer or that officer's designee.

(b) Final State grant payment

The final State payment of 10% will be made when:

(1) All eligible project costs have been paid.

(2) The grant recipient certifies building completion by providing a compliance letter from the local building official verifying:

(A) The date of Substantial Completion of the project.

(B) The building was completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

(C) The building has been approved for occupancy.

(D) Book stack installation has been completed.

(3) The grant recipient shall submit evidence that the State's interest in the building and the land has been recorded in the title record [see Education Code section 19999].

(4) Certified Public Accountant (CPA) review and audit submission

(A) CPA review

Following completion of the project, the grant recipient shall submit a final fiscal and program compliance review performed by an independent CPA utilizing standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. To be considered independent, the CPA shall not be an employee of the grant recipient or the grant recipient's library service provider. The CPA review shall be submitted to the State Librarian prior to release of the final 10% of State project funds.

(B) Audit Submission with the CPA review

1. In addition to (A), grant recipients who are subject to the Single Audit Act, Title 31 United States Code sections 7501 through 7507, shall submit a copy of their most recent Single Audit report to the State Librarian with the CPA review.

2. Recipients who are not subject to the Single Audit Act shall submit a copy of their most recent jurisdictional audit report with the CPA review.

(5) CPA Review deadline

(A) Grant recipients shall submit the CPA review no later than 18 months following Substantial Completion of the construction contract for the project.

(B) If a CPA review indicating fiscal and program compliance is not received within 18 months following Substantial Completion, the State may hire a CPA to conduct the review. The final 10% of grant funds shall be reduced by the cost of the CPA review.


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(Added by Register 2001, No. 49)