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Chapter 2. California Library Construction and Renovation Board Article 1. General Provisions Definitions   

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(a) Addition renovation."Addition renovation" means a project which adds new square footage to an existing public library in conjunction with remodeling that existing public library building.

(b) Applicant. "Applicant" means a local jurisdiction as defined under Education Code sections 19956 and 19961 which is eligible for and in the process of making application for California Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act funds.

(c) Appraised value. The "appraised value" means the value of land, an existing building or any other improvements as determined by a certified appraisal performed within one year prior to the date of the State Librarian's deadline for application.

(d) Built-in equipment. "Built-in equipment" means equipment which is constructed as part of the building which is not detachable and therefore not removable from the building or grounds.

(e) Completion of the public library project. "Completion of the public library project" means the completion of the construction contract and the receipt by the applicant of the final state payment of funds.

(f) Conversion. "Conversion" means a project which converts by remodeling an existing building, not currently used for public library purposes, into a public library building.

(g) Eligible project costs. "Eligible project costs" are costs authorized in Education Code sections 19957, 19962(d) and 19963. The terms "eligible project costs" and "eligible project expenditures" are used synonymously.

(h) Eligible projected construction cost. "Eligible projected construction cost" means:

(1) for the remodeling portion of conversion, addition/renovation or remodeling projects: the projected construction costs limited specifically to the purposes of energy conservation, providing access for the disabled, and rehabilitation of existing facilities to bring them into compliance with current health and safety requirements established by State Statutes, State Building Codes and local building codes for public facilities;

(2) for new construction: those construction contract costs which are derived by calculating the normal public construction costs in the applicant's area (See section 20418(c)(1)-(7)).

(i) Excessive. "Excessive" means going beyond the limits of what is customary. The State Librarian shall be the sole judge of the limits of what is customary with respect to public library construction projects.

(j) Fastened to the structure. "Fastened to the structure" means bolted, screwed, or welded to the structure of the building or otherwise permanently attached to the building.

(k) Library building program. The "library building program" means a document which provides the analysis of the need for the library project and defines the specific space requirements for a new or improved library building in a manner specified in Appendix 3.

(l) Local matching funds. "Local matching funds" means 35 percent of the eligible project costs.

(m) New construction. "New construction" means the construction of new building square footage for:

(1) a totally new library building, or

(2) an addition to an existing library building, or

(3) an addition to an existing building which is being converted to a library building.

(n) Project. "Project" means a new construction or remodeling project for purposes authorized under Education Code section 19957.

(o) Projected construction cost. "Projected construction cost" means the projected cost of the construction contract for the library project estimated by architects and engineers licensed to practice in the State of California.

(p) Qualified library consultant. "Qualified library consultant" means a person who:

(1) possesses a Masters in Library Science (MLS) or equivalent 5th year degree in library science,

(2) has acted as a consultant to provide at least five of any of the services specified in section 20414(1)(4)(A) through (E). for at least five different library projects within the last ten years, and

(3) has provided the services as an independent contractor, or as the employee of an organization involved with the administration of public libraries.

(q) Remodeling. "Remodeling" means any form of renovation or rehabilitation of an existing facility. The three terms, remodeling, renovation and rehabilitation are used synonymously.

(r) State matching funds. "State matching funds" means 65 percent of the eligible project costs.

(s) Supplemental funds. "Supplemental funds" means any additional local funds above and beyond the eligible project costs which are directly related to the library construction project and are required for the completion of the library construction project.


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