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Chapter 2. Rules of Procedure for the Commission Article 1. General Provisions Executive Secretary   

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(a) The Executive Secretary shall perform and discharge under the direction and control of the Commission the powers, duties, purposes, functions, and jurisdiction vested in the Commission and delegated to the Executive Secretary by the Commission.

(b) The Commission reserves to itself the authority to approve contracts with the following characteristics:

(1) Contracts or agreements for goods or services with a value in excess of $12,000, when such contracts are not let under the auspices of a state master agreement or regulation.

(2) Contracts or agreements for personal services with a value in excess of $12,000 or a duration longer than two months.

(3) Contracts or agreements to be entered into without advertising or bidding (sole source contracts) with a value in excess of $12,000, when the Commission or its staff initiates the request to let a sole source contract rather than on the basis of competitive bids.


Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(q)

Reference: Section 44220.

Repealer of subsection (b) and new subsections (b)-(b)(3) filed 7-1-92; operative 7-31-92 (Register 92, No. 28).