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Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs Subchapter 2.5. Utilization Of The Regional Market Rate Ceiling Article 1. General Provisions Definition(s).   

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(a) "Certified need for child care" means the number of days and hours of child care and development services approved and documented by the contractor as sufficient to meet the family's need for child care.

(b) "Maximum subsidy amount" means the regional market rate ceiling plus any applicable adjustments pursuant to Sections 18075.1 or 18075.2.

(c) "Regional market rate ceilings" means the maximum amount calculated by the Department that providers in different regions of the state may be reimbursed for the same type of child care for the same age child in accordance with statutory ceilings currently in effect.

(d) "Subsidized families" means eligible families who are receiving child care and development services and on whose behalf the Department or the California Department of Social Services is providing a reimbursement, in whole or in part.

(e) "Unsubsidized" means children or families other than those defined in subdivision (d).

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