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Chapter 19 Child Care and Development Programs Subchapter 2.5 Utilization of the Regional Market Rate Ceiling Article 1 General Provisions Adjustment for Children with Exceptional Needs   

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(a) When child care and development services are provided to a child with exceptional needs, the contractor shall multiply the lesser of the regional market rate ceiling or the rate determined pursuant to Section 18074.3 or 18074.4, whichever is lower, by only one of the following:

(1) By 1.2, when the child has exceptional needs as defined in Education Code Section 8208(l).

(2) By 1.5, when the child is severely disabled as defined in Education Code Section 8208(x).

(b) Contractors shall apply this adjustment only when there is documentation that additional services and/or accommodations for that particular child are being provided, and such services and/or accommodations result in an on-going financial impact on the provider.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8222

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(Amended by Register 2004, No. 24)