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Chapter 1. Regulations Governing Conduct Of Non-Affiliates In The Buildings And On The Grounds Of The University Of California. Camping and Storage of Personal Belongings.   

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No non-affiliate on University property shall, without authorization from a Designated University Official:

A. Camp, occupy camp facilities, use camp paraphernalia, or store personal property on University property.

B. Bring any tent or other housing structure on University property, or occupy any such tent or housing structure.

C. Set up a household or campsite on University property.

D. Bring, leave, or dump furniture, mattresses, or other large household items on University property, or bring or maintain large personal belongings or large amounts of personal belongings on University property, except as authorized by the Designated University Official. For purposes of this section, "large household items," "large personal belongings," and "large amounts of personal belongings," means anything that cannot be reasonably carried on the person or reasonably used for personal purposes.

E. Store personal possessions on University property. For purposes of this section, "storage of personal possessions" means leaving items unattended, that is, not in the owner's immediate personal custody and control.

F. Bring onto University property any unauthorized carts, carriages, trailers, or other vehicles of conveyance designed for, or used to transport property, except for: (1) baby carriages actually used to transport infants, or (2) wheelchairs or other wheeled conveyances necessary for disabled access.

Authority cited:

Education Code 92440.5


Education Code 92440.5

(Added By Register 2008, No. 42.)