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Chapter 1. Regulations Governing Conduct Of Non-Affiliates In The Buildings And On The Grounds Of The University Of California. Curfew.   

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No non-affiliate shall enter or otherwise remain on University Property between the hours of midnight to 6:00 a.m., or at such other times as published or posted by the campus or University location. This curfew shall not apply to University housing residents or their invited guests, invited guests of University faculty, emeritus or staff, persons possessing valid written authorization from the Designated University Official, or those on legitimate University related business or attending a specific University sponsored event. Those persons possessing a valid written authorization, or attending a specific event, shall be allowed to remain and use the facilities as specified in their authorization or through the duration of the specific event, after which time they shall leave the property without any appreciable delay. This curfew also shall not apply to people proceeding directly across a roadway or path that has been designated by the Designated University Official as open to the public during curfew hours.

Authority cited:

Education Code 92440.5


Education Code 92440.5

(Added By Register 2008, No. 42.)