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Division 8. Commission On Teacher Credentialing. Chapter 1. Credentials Issued Under The Teacher Preparation And Licensing Law Of 1970. Article 2. Credential Types, Authorizations, And Requirements.   

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Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Credentials and Business and Industry Partnership Teacher: Definitions and Terms.

(a) "Commission-approved program of personalized preparation" means any of the following categories of agencies which are authorized to develop, submit and implement a program for designated subjects credentials:

(1) A California public school district or consortium of school districts;

(2) A California county superintendent of schools office;

(3) A California regional occupation program or center;

(4) A California State Agency;

(5) A Commission-approved teacher preparation institution;

(6) A Charter School as established in Education Code Section 47605.

(b) "Equivalent to the high school diploma" means:

(1) a diploma based on passage of the General Education Development Test; or

(2) the foreign equivalent to the high school diploma which is a diploma, certificate, or the title awarded to mark the completion of a program normally requiring twelve years of schooling, or required for admission to an institution of higher education.

(c) "Two years of successful teaching" means teaching for a minimum of one course in each of four terms.

(1) Teaching experience earned based on possession of a Business and Industry Partnership Teacher authorization issued pursuant to Section 80034.3 shall be acceptable toward the two years of successful teaching requirement.

(d) "Work experience" means full-time or part-time experience directly related to the industry sector(s) to be named on the credential. Work experience may be paid or not paid. No more than one year of work experience shall apply toward meeting designated subjects credential requirements during any twelve calendar month period. 1000 clock hours shall be the minimum required for each year of work experience. Part-time work experience may be cumulated to equate to the required 1000 clock hours of work experience.

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