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Chapter 2. Applications. Article 1. Application for Approval to Operate and Offer Educational Programs for Non-Accredited Institutions. Description of Educational Program.   

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For each educational program that the institution offers or proposes to offer, the Form Application 94886 shall contain a statement that the educational program meets the requirements of section 71710, as well as the following:

(a) A description of the educational program.

(b) A description of the equipment to be used during the educational program.

(c) A description of the number and qualifications of the faculty needed to teach the educational program.

(d) A projection, and the bases for the projection, of the number of students that the institution plans to enroll in the educational program during each of the three years following the date the Form Application 94886 was submitted.

(e) A description of the learning, skills, and other competencies to be acquired by students who complete the educational program.

(f) If licensure is a goal of an educational program, a copy of the approval from the appropriate licensing agency if required. A copy of the intent to approve conditioned solely upon institutional approval from the Bureau will also meet this requirement.

Upon request, the institution shall provide to the Bureau copies of the curriculum or syllabi required pursuant to section 71710.

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