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Credential Types, Authorizations, and Requirements. Subject Classification System for Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credentials.   

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(a) Commission-approved programs of personalized preparation shall recommend applicants for designated subjects adult education teaching credentials in a subject(s) contained within the categories that follow:

Category Subject (to be named on the credential)

Adults with Disabilities adaptive arts and crafts; adaptive computer

technology; adaptive physical education;

health; self-maintenance skills;


Elementary and Secondary

Basic Skills elementary and secondary basic skills

(includes basic education-grades one through

eight; arithmetic; reading; individualized

high school learning lab/G.E.D./contract

class settings; citizenship); other(specify)

Career Technical Education agriculture and natural resources; arts,

media, and entertainment; building trades and

construction; education, child development,

and family services; energy and utilities;

engineering and design; fashion and interior

design; finance and business; health science

and medical technology; hospitality, tourism,

and recreation; information technology;

manufacturing and product development;

marketing, sales, and service; public service;


English English

English as a Second

Language English as a second language

Fine Arts fine arts

A Language Other than

English (specify) a specific language, other than English

Health and Safety CPR; environmental safety; first aid; health

education; nutrition; physical fitness and

conditioning; safety education; other


Home Economics arts and crafts; clothing construction;

consumer education; decorative arts; dietetics

and food management; nutrition; food

preparation; home management; interior

design; textiles; upholstery; other (specify)

Mathematics mathematics

Older Adults communication skills; creative arts; health;

performing arts; physical fitness; public

affairs; retirement planning; safety; self-

maintenance; other (specify)

Parent Education parent education; childbirth education;

human development; family management;

other (specify)

Personal Deveopment art; health and safety; family education;

financial literacy

Science life science, including general science;

physical science, including general science;

other (specify)

Social Sciences social sciences

Vocational Education aeronautics; agriculture; bookkeeping and

accounting; building and construction trades;

business management; career development;

computer applications; computer

programming; computer systems operation;

computer technology; cosmetology;

electronics technology; financial services;

health occupations; industrial technology;

information processing/keyboarding;

marine technology; marketing; nursing;

office occupations; small business

ownership/management; other (specify)

(b) As needed the Executive Director of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing may establish new categories or subjects, each of which shall be brought to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing on a regular basis for inclusion in Section 80036.3(a).

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225


Education Code 44260.2

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(Amended by Register 2011, No. 18.)