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As used in this subarticle, the following terms shall have the meanings as set forth below:

(a) "Institution fee" is part one of the total annual accreditation fee charged to an institution, as defined in section 80691(e), based on the average number of credential recommendations over the prior three fiscal years.

(b) "Program fee" is part two of the total annual accreditation fee charged to an institution, as defined in section 80691(e), based on the number of Commission-approved educator programs offered by the institution.

(c) "Total annual accreditation fee" is comprised of the institution fee and program fee, as defined in subsections (a) and (b), and represents the total amount due to the Commission annually.

(d) "Initial Preparation programs" are programs that provide the coursework and field experiences for individuals earning an initial teaching or services credential.

(e) "Second Tier and Specialist programs" apply the knowledge and skills from the preliminary program in an on-the-job mentored and supported assignment. Second tier preparation programs are such that allow the individual to earn the clear teaching or services credential. Specialist programs are programs through which a credentialed teacher may earn an authorization to teach in an additional area.

(f) "Added Authorization and Special Class/Teaching Authorization programs" are programs that an educator may complete to add an additional authorization that is closely related to the authorization held.

(g) "Intern programs" are a path to initial preparation program completion that allows an individual the ability to complete their preparation coursework concurrent in a paid position, upon completion of the required minimum preservice preparation as described in program standards.

(h) "Inactive programs" refer to Commission-approved educator preparation programs that have not withdrawn but are no longer accepting new candidates as detailed in the Accreditation Handbook Chapter Three, Institutional and Program Approval (rev. 2013), available on the Commission's website and hereby incorporated by reference.

(i) "Recommendation" refers to the process of recommending candidates to receive a credential. Institutions must recommend their candidates, as specified in Education Code section 44227(b), to receive a credential after completing an approved program as part of the credential issuing process.

(j) "Extraordinary activity fee" refers to the fee charged to institutions that have not submitted the annual accreditation fee by the established due date.

(k) "Actual costs" may include costs for travel, per diem and incidentals for site visit volunteers and Commission staff, reimbursement of substitute teachers, room rentals, equipment, communication, staff time, accounting and legal services to support accreditation, supplies and statewide indirect costs.

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(Amended by Register 2015, No. 4)