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Annual Accreditation Fees.   

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(a) The total annual accreditation fee, as defined in section 80693(c) shall be submitted to the Commission by September 1 of each year.

(b) An institution's failure to submit the total annual accreditation fee by November 1 annually shall result in:

(1) An extraordinary activity fee of $500 to be paid in addition to the total annual accreditation fee.

(2) The suspension of the institution's ability to make recommendations for credentials until all fees are paid in full.

(A) The suspension shall commence immediately upon the Commission's sending written notice that the total annual accreditation fee was not fully paid by November 1 each year.

(c) For fiscal year 2014-15 the institution fee, as defined in section 80693(a), shall be as follows:

(1) 0-50 recommendations: $1,000.

(2) 51-100 recommendations: $1,400.

(3) 101-300 recommendations: $1,800.

(4) 301-600 recommendations: $2,200.

(5) Over 600 recommendations: $2,500.

(d) In subsequent fiscal years, the Commission shall adjust the Institution Fee specified in section 80694 (c) each year by the Implicit Price Deflator for State and Local Government, rounded to the nearest ten dollars.

(e) For fiscal year 2014-15 the program fee shall be as follows for each program:

(1) Initial Preparation program: $400

(2) Intern program: $150

(3) Second Tier and Specialist program: $300

(4) Added Authorization and Special Class/Teaching Authorization program: $200

(5) Inactive program: $50

(f) In subsequent fiscal years, the Executive Director shall determine the program fee by calculating the actual costs of accreditation activities in the prior fiscal year and apportioning the actual costs at the same ratio as in fiscal year 2014-15, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

(g) The Commission shall determine whether a change in fees will be necessary and provide notification should changes be necessary, to the Legislature and Department of Finance, on or before July 1 of each year. Adjustments contained in subsections (d) and (f) are not a change in fees.

(h) The Commission shall post on its website the total annual accreditation fee for each Commission-approved institution, and how it was determined, on or before August 1st each year.

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(Amended by Register 2015, No. 4)