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Probationary/Permanent Status   

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The Governing Board desires to employ and retain highly qualified classified personnel to support the district's educational program and operations. Newly hired classified employees shall serve a probationary period during which the Board shall determine their suitability for long-term district employment.

Probationary employees hired to fill permanent positions will be classified as probationary employees. Such employees shall serve in a probationary position for six (6) months of service. After consulting with CSEA, this probationary period may be extended by the Superintendent or designee for an additional period of up to six (6) months. They may be employed on either a full-time or a part-time basis as to hours and days worked. They are entitled to employee benefits authorized by the Governing Board and the Education Code. (Education Code 45113, 45301)

Probationary employees shall receive written performance evaluations by their supervisor during the probationary period. These evaluations shall indicate whether the evaluator is satisfied or not satisfied with the employee's ability, performance, and compatibility with the job.

(cf. 4215 - Evaluation/Supervision)

The district may, without cause, dismiss a new employee during the probationary period.

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

Permanent employees promoted to a higher classification shall be considered probationary in their new position until they have satisfactorily completed the probationary period.

A permanent employee who accepts a promotion and fails to complete the probationary period for that promotional position shall be employed in the classification from which the employee was promoted. (Education Code 45113)

This policy shall be made available to classified employees and the public. (Education Code 45113)

(cf. 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications)

Legal Reference:


45113 Rules and regulations for classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45240-45320 Merit system

Management Resources:


California School Employees Association:


adopted: April 9, 2015 Angels Camp, California

revised: December 19, 2019