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Mark Twain Union ESD |  AR  6164.2  Instruction

Guidance/Counseling Services   

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School counseling is provided by staff members with the appropriate credential from the commission on Teacher Credentialing,

(cf. 4112.2 - Certification)

Personal or mental health counseling may include support related to the student's social and emotional development, behavior, substance abuse, mental health assessment, depression or mental illness. As appropriate, students and their parents/guardians shall be informed about community agencies, organizations, or health care providers that offer qualified professional assistance.

Crisis counseling may be provided to ensure student safety and promote overall stability through discrete service (American Counseling Association). Crisis counseling may be necessitated if the student is presenting a danger of serious physical or mental harm to themselves or to others or (b) the alleged victim of incest or child abuse. (California Law Family Code, Division 11, Part 4, Chapter 3 6924)

Counseling Services Referral Protocol

All request for student counseling services will be documented by the completion of the Mark Twain Union Elementary Counseling Referral Form (E (1) 6164.2) and submitted to the site administrator.

Unless the student counseling referral is made due to a crisis situation, parent/guardian permission for counseling services shall be obtained and documented by the Mark Twain Union Elementary School District Parent/Guardian Permission for Counseling Services Form (E (2) 6164.2) before counseling services are provided. The school counselor shall state in the client record when the person attempted to contact the student's parent or guardian, and whether the attempt to contact was successful or unsuccessful. (California Law Family Code, Division 11, Part 4, Chapter 3 6924)

In the case of a need for student crisis counseling (see definition) the counselor shall state in the client record whether and when the attempt to contact the students parent or guardian was made, and whether the attempt was successful or unsuccessful, or the reason why, in the opinion of the professional school counselors, it would be inappropriate to contact the minor's parent or guardian.


approved: April 6, 2017 Angels Camp, California