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Automated External Defibrillators   

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An automated external defibrillator (AED) is used to treat victims who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It is only to be applied to victims who are unconscious, not breathing normally and showing no signs of circulation, such as normal breathing, coughing and movement. The AED will analyze the heart rhythm and advise the operator if a shockable rhythm is detected. If a shockable rhythm is detected, the AED will charge to the appropriate energy level and advise the operator to deliver a shock.

Location of AEDs

AEDs are in the following locations:

1. Mark Twain Elementary School Office

2. Mark Twain Elementary School , David N Cosgrave Gymnasium (Joint Use Facility)

3. Copperopolis Elementary School Office

4. Copperopolis Elementary School Multipurpose Room/Gym

Authorized AED Users

Any district employee who has successfully completed an approved CPR + AED training program within the last two years and has a current successful course completion card. No less than one district employee per AED must be certified. Participation in the CPR + AED training program by district employees is strictly voluntary.

Any non-district employee may, at his or her discretion, provide voluntary assistance to victims of medical emergencies. The extent to which these individuals respond shall be appropriate to their training and experience. These responders are encouraged to contribute to emergency response only to the extent that they are comfortable. The emergency medical response of these individuals may include CPR, AED or medical first aid. Mark Twain Union Elementary School District will not maintain training records for non-district employee responders.

Procedures for Use of AEDs

The initial responder should provide prompt basic life support including CPR, AED and first aid according to training and experience:

* Immediate notification of EMS by calling 9-1-1 or directing someone to call

* Immediate request for the AED

* Victim assessment

* Starting CPR, if necessary

Additional organizational members should assist with:

* Immediate notification of EMS by calling 9-1-1

* Obtaining the AED

* Meeting the responding EMS vehicle to direct EMS personnel to the site of the medical emergency

Following each use of the AED, a review shall be conducted to learn from the experience.

All key participants in the event shall participate in the reviews. Included in the review shall be the identification of actions that went well and the collection of opportunities for improvement as well as critical incident stress debriefing.

Equipment Records and Maintenance

All AEDs shall be maintained in a state of readiness and shall be checked after each use and at least once every 30 days if the device has not been used in the preceding 30 days. The School Nurse is responsible for maintaining devices, maintenance records, and District staff training records. A copy of training records will also be filed with the Human Resources Department.

The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that Tuolumne JPA guidelines and policies for the use of AEDs are followed.

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Section 1714.21


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approved: May 9, 2019 Angels Camp, California